We know, live and direct, the new generation of the Mazda3

New Mazda3

The C segment, the compact >, it has been quite traditional for years, without a clear evolution in design. It seems that a model from an Asian brand wants to break these molds. I am referring to the new Mazda3 , a car that we saw yesterday in the first person - in 5-door hatchback and 4-sedan bodyworks in the Spanish capital and that, without doubt, will give Much to talk about .

The Asian brand was quoting us at Espacio Harley, on Calle Alcalá, without even telling us what we were going to see. They only commented on the motto " Feeling Factory ". Logic made us think that it would be the new Mazda3; so it was. Mazda Spain unveiled the new Mazda3 in scoop . We could not drive it, but we did see and check many details of great importance that I will tell you in the following lines.

Emotional exterior design

The new Mazda3 intends to enter its customers by sight , to then seduce them with its interior and, it seems, later to finish convincing them with driving dynamics . Like more or less, the design of the Asian compact is very emotional and totally differentiated from the rest of the vehicles of the European market; which is always a plus because it is a different model than usual.

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Today we are with @mazdaespana in the static presentation of the new Mazda3. Do you like your frontal? - #mazda # mazda3 #skyactiv #kodo #design #design #cars #cars

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Starting with the exterior , a highlight on the front huge grill totally vertical where the company's logo is located at the top and center. The only pity is that the license plate will remove a lot of character from this grill. From it two nerves are born that run along the bonnet in search of the front pillars and, at the sides, the headlights .

The headlights have a very thin and torn design.

A contour supports the aforementioned grille and front optics for its bottom . According to what Jo Stenuit, Design Director of Mazda Europe, told us yesterday, this outline will be the distinguishing sign of the bodies 5 doors and sedan. In the case of the variants of 5 doors, this molding will go in a dark gray tone, transmitting a greater sportiness, while in the sedan it will always be in chrome finish, looking for a greater elegance. The lower form of the bumper also varies slightly between the two.

Mazda 3 5 side doors

Of course, in the side view they change a lot. The front half is identical, but they vary markedly from the central pillar.Particularly striking is the huge C-pillar , which may seem too wide. The aesthetics of the 5 doors is more dynamic.

Meanwhile, the sedan is betting on a more elegant three-volume body and focused on a more mature audience. It looks like a less sporty car, but more " stately ". Cannibalize the sales of the Mazda6? We will see, but, if it does, in the end everything will be at home. The glazed surface of the sedan is larger.

Mazda3 side sedan
The Mazda3 Sedan has elegantly integrated the third volume, the trunk, into the design when viewed from a side perspective, something that not all manufacturers achieve when they are based on a compact model.
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Mazda3. Comparison of backs. In red, the 5-door hatchback body; in gray, the 4-door sedan. Two styles, one more sporty and youthful and another, more elegant and mature. What's yours? - @mazdaespana #mazda # mazda3 #skyactiv #kodo # design #hatchback #sedan #compacto #car #style #luxury

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Finally, the backs . The difference between both bodies is very noticeable here behind. The 5-door exudes a lot of sportsmanship , with a superior spoiler that gives continuity to the roof, a very elaborate pilots, a prominent bumper with its lower part finished in black and a real exhaust outlet and totally circular to each side, which conveys a lot of symmetry. The loading mouth may be a little high, yes. Also stand out, seeing from behind, the prominent hips , widening the body much in the rear wheel arches.

In the case of the sedan model , the pilots take a completely different design. As on the side, the back looks more elegant and not so juvenile , but also conveys a very novel image. The bumper has some forms that emphasize better with the character of this body, although we find again a chrome exhaust and circular on each side . I do not know about you, but in a way it reminds me of the beautiful Alfa Romeo 159, discontinued several years ago.