VUHL 05RR: a 396 hp ground-air missile and Mexican passport


It was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in 2016 that we met the version most radical of VUHL 05 . Its denomination was VUHL 05RR and at that time it was only an exhibition model that advanced where the future steps of the brand could go. However, the reception of the 05RR was very warm and those responsible for the Mexican firm have decided to market it.

The VUHL 05RR , which has the Ariel Atom and KTM X-Bow as main rivals, has a very complete technical review. The most important one is in charge of its mechanics, of Ford origin, because it increases its power in a remarkable way. To it, you have to add a chassis with a revised suspension, a limited slip differential or a direction with a specific set-up.

396 HP for a scale weight of only 660 kilos


All changes received by VUHL 05RR focus on one aspect: reduce weight . The 05 of "series" has a final weight in scale of 725 kilos, but the 05RR is much lighter. As confirmed by the brand, the weight reduction has been of nothing less than 65 kilos, leaving the mark in 660 kilos . To this figure we must add that its engine 2.3 liters Ford provides 396 HP under the right foot.

Considering the power-to-weight ratio , the acceleration of the VUHL 05RR is of infarction, although it is maintained with respect to 05 "normal". However, there are few models on the market that can sign a step from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in only 2.7 seconds . However, maximum speed data is not yet available, so this number could be higher.

The homologation of the VUHL 05RR is for driving on the street, although for its Focus is best done in circuit. Their prices have not yet been confirmed, but the sale has already begun. You can order it on the UK's Bespoke Performance portal. The starting price is 95,995 pounds , although it could be modified depending on the market.